Health Management Initiatives

Health Management Initiatives

Health Declaration (Declaration on Employee Health)

'Health' to realize dreams and ideas with passion.
What inspires us at dip are the "dreams, ideas, and passion" embodied in our company name.
When you have a dream that you want to achieve with all your heart, ideas will naturally come to you, and you will be filled with the passion to give shape to those ideas.
Health is an essential factor in maintaining dreams, ideas and passion.
At our company, which is based on the principle that 'people are everything, people are assets', we not only aim to prevent illness, but also to optimize our physical and mental condition so that we can create and provide better services that will inspire dreams, ideas, and passion. In this way we will realize the happiness of all of our employees and their families.

Hideki Tomita, Representative Director and CEO, dip Corporation

Thoughts and Ideas on Health Management

Our management philosophy is 'people are everything, people are assets', and we believe that employee health management is one of the important factors that directly affects work productivity and employee happiness. It is not only about 'not getting sick', but also about 'becoming more energetic and happier than before'. With this in mind, we have adopted the concept of health management as geared toward 'improving the mind and body'.

By keeping your mind and body in good condition, you will be able to concentrate more on your work, maximize your creativity and performance, and work more vigorously. We believe that fulfilling our work will lead to the satisfaction of our customers and users, as well as to a greater happiness in our personal lives and those of our families.

Health Management Promotion System

We have established a Health Management Promotion Committee and appointed a Health Management Promotion Leader from each branch office to serve as a member of the Health Management Promotion Committee, with the aim of listening to the voices of front-line employees and promoting improvement in health management.

Health Status and Required Measures

We are a young company with almost 70% of employees in their twenties, and a combined total of 90% in their twenties and thirties. Because we are a young company, we need to support our employees to work vigorously and with vitality, and because half of our employees are women, we need to enact measures to address health issues that are specific to women. Addressing these issues is vital for our corporate growth. The health data clearly shows that although our risk is lower than the national average, we must encourage our employees to make follow-up visits to their physicians and improve their lifestyle, exercise, and diet.

In addition, given current social conditions where the ratio of high-stress individuals is rising, we see it as important to improve daily lifestyle habits to keep the mind and body fit. We will continue to promote initiatives to help people develop healthy lifestyles, both physically and mentally, through efforts to acquire correct health literacy and to regulate the mind and body.

Ratio of Employees and Gender Ratio (including temporary and part-time employees)

Health Management Initiatives

dip's health management strategy map is based on the following three initiatives raising health awareness, improving mental and physical health, and creating a healthy work environment.

dip's Health Management Strategy Map(Revised in October 2023)

1. Raising Health Awareness

Taking action on lifestyle improvement, moderate exercise, and mental health care begins with awareness and interest in one's own health, and recognition of one's current condition.

<Main initiatives>

・Promotion of stress check examinations

■Stress check examination
2020 performance: 90.1% 2021 performance: 95.9% 2022 performance: 96.7%
2023 performance: 99.7%

・Health checkups

In addition to the legally mandated medical checkups, we have established a system to provide diagnosis of checkup items in the complete health screening programs for those 35 years old and above. For female employees,we offer uterine cervix cancer screening and breast cancer screening (ultrasonic screening of the mammary gland) for those aged 30 and above, and breast cancer screening (mammography) for those aged 40 and above at the company’s expense. These contribute to the early detection and treatment of diseases.

・Recommendations for those who require follow-up consultations and treatment

Once a health checkup is conducted, in addition to the review by the occupational physician,
a dedicated public health nurse checks the results of all employees and recommends those employees who need a second checkup receive one based on our own standards.

・In-house influenza vaccination

We promote in-house mass influenza vaccination for all employees, with the vaccine costs fully subsidized by the company. In 2022, we provided subsidies of ¥2.98 million in total. As a risk management measure, we have installed disinfectants and stockpiled masks for emergency use.

・Workplace COVID-19 vaccination

As part of our responses toward the early termination of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have provided three workplace vaccination sessions for our employees and their family members who wished to be vaccinated. To ensure that employees felt at ease receiving the vaccination, we provided the vaccination during office hours and introduced a system where employees were able to take special leave when they felt unwell after being vaccinated or when accompanying family members to be vaccinated.

・Setting up a non-smoking awareness day

The 22nd of every month is designated as a non-smoking awareness day, and posters and information to educate people about the risks of smoking are displayed.

・Health consultation by a consultant physician or health nurse

We provide health consultations by an advisory physician in addition to those offered by the occupational physician. Public health nurses also provide guidance on lifestyle, diet, smoking cessation, care for diseases specific to women, and conduct interviews with workers who work long hours (exceeding 70 hours per month).

・Five health action guidelines

The five behaviors related to healthy habits are posted on the company intranet so that they can be viewed at any time.

2. Regulate Your Mind and Body

We provide programs to help you create a better rhythm in your life and work vigorously according to your own health and condition.

~Promoting a Regular Lifestyle~

①Dietary improvement program

② Sleep program

③ Smoking cessation program

~Promoting moderate exercise~

④Walking Program

⑤Stretching program

~Promoting Mental Health Care~

⑥Mindfulness program

⑦Mental health care program

Click here for specific initiatives

3. Creating a Healthy Work Environment

When employees become more aware of their health and their individual conditions, and take action to improve themselves, it is important for the Company to create an environment for sustaining that momentum. Based on communication with management, we are working on initiatives that will help maintain and improve health.

<Main initiatives>

・Management training (on the theme of communication, implementation of a reflection program (RRT))

・Online training for all employees
We have created an environment where employees can learn necessary information through videos on themes such as disease prevention and support for balancing work and family life so that they can take care of their health and enjoy a long and stable career. (Diseases specific to women, understanding of nursing care systems, etc.)

・Training for newly appointed managers (mental health, etc.)
In order to prevent mental illness, we are striving to improve the level of management knowledge through management training sessions.

・Implementation of 1-on-1 meetings
One-on-one meetings with an external counselor are held semi-annually for those who are interested to help them resolve issues they are facing and achieve their goals.

・Enhancing programs to support employees returning to work and expanding support for balancing work and medical treatment
We have a support system in place for employees who are on leave for injury or illness or who are trying to balance work and medical treatment. Interviews with specialists, consulting physicians, supervisors, and human resources are conducted to deepen communication and provide support for employees to return to work with peace of mind. Specialists, consulting physicians, and human resources staff also support managers who need consultation.

・Establishment of various consultation services
In order to attend to the various concerns of our employees, we have set up various consultation services tailored to meet their needs.

(In-house programs)
①Counseling Service for Mental and Physical Health (Mental Health Care)
We have established a system where employees can feel free to consult with a professional counselor about their problems and concerns. In addition, once a year, we conduct stress checks as stipulated in the Occupational Health and Safety Law to ensure that employees are aware of their own mental condition and to prevent stress-related health problems by identifying stress in the workplace.

②Consultation Service for Female Employees
We have established an environment where female employees can feel comfortable consulting with us on health issues specific to women.

③Support Desk for Balancing Nursing Care and Work
The Company is aware that any employee may face nursing care issues and that nursing care is highly specific to an employee's particular circumstances, we believe it is important to provide a place where employees can consult and be given correct and practical information.

(External programs)
①Medical consultation
To support the health of our employees and their families, we have established an external consultation desk staffed by medical professionals that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

②Consultation services for addiction and mental health
We have established an external consultation desk for regulating the autonomic nervous system (mental health), preventing alcohol dependence, and dealing with addiction.

・Installation of massage room
A massage room has been set up at the Tokyo Head Office, where professionally qualified healthcare workers provide treatment to help employees recover from physical fatigue and relieve stress. Exercise guidance and seminars by professionals are also available on topics such as stiff shoulders and back pain are also available.

・Measures against long working hours
When an employee whose working hours exceed a certain standard is identified, an alert is sent to the management in real time by the attendance system. This fosters an environment in which the management can work on decreasing the working hours of the employee while still striving to improve work efficiency. In the unlikely event of a violation of the agreement, physicians and human resources personnel conduct health care interviews with the relevant employees, and managers are required to submit a report for improvement. In addition, the status of working hours for all employees is reported to the Board of Directors on a regular basis to encourage company-wide improvement and thoroughness.
In addition to the legally mandated interviews, health nurses individually call on employees who work long hours (70 or more hours per month), and health management personnel call on those who exceed predetermined standards and conduct interviews with them.
And, each division and business department sets annual targets for overtime hours and annual leave utilization based on the integrated report, and posts these targets so that they are visible at all times throughout the company.

・Office space that stimulates communication
Based on the concept of ‘the most communicative office in Japan’, we have created an office space that enhances the creativity of our employees and maximizes the potential of each individual by promoting active communication. The office space is designed with functionality, comfort, creativity, and flexibility in mind, and includes standing meeting spaces, office stations for incidental encounters, soundproof spaces for focused work, and a cafe space for refreshment.

・Office space that improves productivity through greening
We have introduced plants in all branch offices to improve productivity, alleviate eyestrain and fatigue, and stimulate communication through greening.

・Installation of exercise equipment in the office
We have installed balance balls and treadmills in all branch offices to encourage exercise in the office.

・Granting annual paid holidays at the time of hire
We have changed the timing of when annual paid holidays are granted, which had been in accordance with the law, to the time of hire. We aim to keep employees healthy both mentally and physically by enriching their work and personal lives.

・Health and Safety and Promotion
In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, regular meetings of the Health Committee (consisting of the general health and safety manager, health manager and safety promoter, specialists, and general employees) are held every month. In addition, this Committee holds discussions focusing on various issues related to health management. The Committee is also responsible for examining matters that require improvement and making recommendations to management.
In addition, the company identifies sources of danger and assesses risks with regard to occupational health and safety, shares them with Committee members, and conducts periodic inspections.
*Introduction of Occupational Health and Safety Management System - None.

Club activities, which had been suspended due to the pandemic, have resumed since last year. Seventeen clubs are active in five regions, and exchanges across departments are carried out through activities.
Examples of clubs (futsal, baseball, golf, badminton, bike riding, investment, shogi, reading... etc.)

Results of Health Management Initiatives

External Assessment

■March 2024 Recognized as a "White 500" corporation for practicing particularly excellent health management for the second consecutive years.
In recognition of our health management initiatives, we have been certified as a "White 500" (Excellent Corporation for Health Management in 2024), which is jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Health Council. This is the second consecutive years that the company has been recognized as a White 500, following our selection in 2023.

■December 2023  Recognized as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" for three consecutive years by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
For the third consecutive year, we have been recognized as a "Tokyo Sports Promotion Company" by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which certifies companies that promote and support sports among their employees.

■December 2023 Recognized as a "Sports Yell Company" for three consecutive years.
For the third year in a row, we have been recognized as a "Sports Yell Company" by the Sports Agency, which certifies companies that are making active efforts to implement sports to promote the health of their employees.

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