Corporate Recruiting Page KOBOT

Corporate Recruiting Page KOBOT

Staff recruitment page tailored to each client

This is a recruiting website production service that leverages the know-how of Baitoru, one of Japan's largest part-time job posting sites. In addition to the ability to disseminate a wide range of information by linking with numerous job posting aggregation services, the service increases the matching rate between job seekers and companies through job postings equipped with features unique to Baitoru  such as videos, work experience, and workplace tours.

What is KOBOT?

KOBOT is a digital labor force that automates routine tasks in industries and sectors that face challenges with labor shortages and operational efficiency.

We offer a wide variety of services at an easy-to-implement price range. We have a one-stop service for each workflow, and through the digitization of workflows facing challenges , we support the creation of an environment in which clients can improve productivity and devote more attention to their main tasks.