HR KOBOT for Application Support

RPA service for dispatch companies gets a major upgrade

The RPA service KOBOT for dispatch companies, first launched in September 2019, has been upgraded to further reduce the burden on personnel managers, and rebranded as HR KOBOT for Application Support.

The system is now able to support the traditional application handling process, provide alerts to those in charge of posting jobs to various job boards, and automatically post ads on job boards. In addition to such automation of routine tasks at dispatch companies,we have improved the function of HR KOBOT for Application Support to provide more fine-tuned services in response to feedback from customers who want to complete the handling of applications on the web and check the applicants’ individual information before pre-registering the applicants. We have also added a "web interview" function to accommodate current trends in lifestyles and new ways of working, such as teleworking.

Sales Pack

A four step sales enhancement package that supports the sales activities of dispatch companies in the new era.

The sales pack is comprised of four services: efficient list creation that generates highly fresh sales lists, automatic delivery of inquiry forms that enable simultaneous sales to multiple companies within a short period of time, marketing automation specialized for use by salespeople, and a matching system that assists managers in selecting the most suitable personnel for a job vacancy and raises the overall effectivenness of system.

Other lineup

What is KOBOT?

KOBOT is a digital labor force that automates routine tasks in industries and sectors that face challenges with labor shortages and operational efficiency.

We offer a wide variety of services at an easy-to-implement price range. We have a one-stop service for each workflow, and through the digitization of workflows facing challenges , we support the creation of an environment in which clients can improve productivity and devote more attention to their main tasks.