Process for Identifying and Reviewing Materiality

Step 1:Enumerate social issues and analyze risks and opportunities
Compile a list of social issues by reference to international guidelines, macro trends in specialized fields, and so forth; then analyze risks and opportunities based thereon

Step 2:Prepare draft (amendments to) materiality
Prepare draft (amendments to) materiality in keeping with dip’s Philosophy by assessing the level of importance of each item from two perspectives—elements of social issues and elements for raising dip’s earning power—and taking stakeholders’ views into account

Step 3:Adopt or amend materiality
Decide on materiality at a Board of Directors meeting following deliberation by the Sustainability Promotion Counci

Identified Materiality

We identified four items of business materiality and two items of management foundation materiality to achieve our vision. We will strive to create social and economic value and aim to continuously improve dip’s corporate value with all employees working together under our Philosophy and contributing to resolving social issues based on materiality.

Description of materiality

For more information on materiality, please visit the following URL

Non-financial KPIs related to social value created by "dip30th

At dip, the Sustainability Promotion Council is proceeding with discussions on the formulation of KPIs to measure the targets and progress toward each theme of materiality.

Currently, the following non-financial KPI targets have been established, and efforts are being made to achieve the targets.

Created of diverse employment opportunities
Elimination of employment mismatches

High-quality jobs that meet the needs of diverse occupations, job types and work styles※11.33million*1
 No.1 in the
Number of jobs welcoming seniors
Number of jobs that allow flexibility for childcare/nursing care510,000*1800,000*1
Number of jobs available to foreigner workers/foreign students
Number of jobs accepting high school students150,000*1150,000*1
Number of workers in the medical, nursing care, and social-welfare industries※210,000 

Improving human resources ,economic productivity ,and
Creation of rewarding workplaces

Number of companies that have introduced DX and are subject to billing in the areas of recruiting, human resources, and sales promotion12,000
Number of jobs for which hourly wage increases or other improvements have been realized※3990,000*11million*11.25million*1
Promoting DEI
Respect for human rights

Jobs without age bias in hiring (number of jobs with optional age input)
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
Year-round campaignYear-round campaign
Certified as a provider of excellent recruitment information
AcquiredAcquired and extendedAcquired and extended
Number of cases violating labor laws and regulations
0Maintain 0Maintain 0
Prohibit all postings that may be considered human rights violations
Already implementedContinued to implementContinued to implement
Response to the climate crisisGHG emissions from all offices and data centers49 % reduction in Scope 1 + 2 
(February 2020 comparison)
Scope1+2 and data center virtually zero *2
Scope1+2 and data center virtually zero*2
Strengthening human capital connected with PhilosophyEngagement Index※4
3.844.0(out of maximum 5)4.2(out of
 maximum 5)
Percentage of female employees hired as new graduates and later promoted to management positions
Percentage of females in management positions
Percentage of female employees  taking childcare leave
Percentage of female employees returning to work after childcare leave100%100%100%
Percentage of male who take childcare leave92.5%*3100%100%
Percentage of employees with disabilities3.0%*4Legal
 employment ratio*4 or higher

Statutory employment rate*4 or higher
Percentage of paid leave taken59.4%80%80%
Average overtime work23.0
20 hours or less/month
20 hours or less/month
Job turnover rate12.6%10.0%10.0%
Training timeNew graduate training326hoursContinue to
Continue to expand
New manager training52hours
Next generation leaders development training143hours
Strengthening governancePercentage of independent directors 2/3*52/3 or more2/3 or more
Percentage of female Directors55.6%*550%50%
Number of material legal violations0Maintain 0Maintain 0
Compliance training and testing participation rate
100%Maintain 100%Maintain 100%
Number of investor interviews367/year500/year

※1: Includes videos, work experience functions, and messages from "dip san".
※2: Total number of people determined by agency services and the number of workers from media services (in-house estimate).
※3: Hourly wage increases, continuous service bonuses and celebratory gifts for new hires
※4: Index in our ES survey

*1: End of February
*2: Scope 1 and Scope 2 (city gas and electricity for all offices; from FY23/2, the scope of calculation includes recreation facilities and data centers)
*3:Calculated based on the Childcare and Family Care Leave Law, the percentage of employees taking childcare leave, etc. and leave for childcare purposes as stipulated in Article 71-4, Item 2 of the Enforcement Regulations.
*4: As of June 1 (as of the time of the Report on Employment Status of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), the statutory employment rate for private companies is 2.3%(revised in March 2021).
*5: As of May 31, 2023

Progress towards our targets for the fiscal year ending February 2025