Collaboration with NPOs

Collaboration with NPOs

Collaboration with NPOs

With the vision of becoming a "Labor force solution company" as a part of our philosophy, through the provision of personnel recruiting services and DX services, we are working to solve issues in the labor market and realize a society where everyone can feel the joy and happiness of work. In Japan, we are facing the structural challenge of a declining workforce due to an aging population with changes in the employment landscape driven by DX initiatives and diversified ways of working.

Against this background, we will work to solve new issues by setting the four items of ‘creation of diverse employment opportunities/elimination of employment mismatches’, ‘improvement of human resources, economic productivity, and creation of rewarding workplaces’, ‘promotion of DEI/respect for human rights’, and ‘response to the climate crisis’ as key issues for our business activities.

(※1) Reference: Materiality to Achieve Our Vision in the INTEGRATED REPORT 2022, P29,30

dip-NPO Collaborative Program

dip is now accepting applications from NPOs to participate in the ‘dip-NPO Collaborative Program’ with the aim of resolving various issues in the labor market.

Under this program, based on our corporate philosophy of " Here at dip, we want to tap into dreams, ideas and passion to create a better society”, we will contribute, on a pro bono basis, our expertise in the recruiting industry, appropriate funding for initiatives and the human resources required to carry them out. Through creative and pioneering partnerships with NPOs, we will foster diverse work styles and create an environment where everyone can work and play an active role in their own way, aiming for a society where everyone can feel the joy and happiness of working.

*2 Pro bono: Offering one's expertise for free from the perspective of sustainability

Outline of the "dip-NPO Collaborative Program" Application

1. Purpose and vision

Through collaboration with NPOs that are willing to participate in the program, dip aims to create diverse working styles and realize a society in which everyone can work and play an active role in their own way.

2. Target fields and businesses

We will target areas of activity that have affinity with our Philosophy ( and are related to our materiality as described below.

Materiality in the company's business

・Creation of diverse employment opportunities and elimination of employment mismatches

・Improvement of human resources and economic productivity, and creation of rewarding workplaces

・Promotion of DEI and respect for human rights

・Response to the climate crisis

3. What we offer

・Human resources on a pro bono basis (separate consultation on the number of personnel required, etc.), as well as expertise cultivated through our operation of personnel recruiting services and DX services. However, we reserve the right not to accept proposals in the event that there are no candidates that match the content of the proposal.

・A maximum amount of 10 million yen per project per year for 3 years (separate consultation regarding the use of funds)

・Data in our possession (job information, etc.) and opportunities for interviewing our client companies, job seekers and workers (personal information will be processed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations).

4. Eligible organizations and estimated number of projects to be adopted

We expect one to three projects to be selected from the following (must be founded or established before August 2023).

(1) Public interest corporations and certified NPOs

(2) Non-profit corporation, NPO, non-profit general incorporated association, non-profit general incorporated foundation

(3) Any legal entity which is non-profit.

However, only organizations that have obtained JCNE's ‘Good Governance Certification*a’ or have been evaluated using the ‘Basic Governance Checklist*b’ are eligible for (2) and (3).

*a  The Good Governance Certification is a mark that indicates ‘proof of credibility’ as recognized by JCNE which has been working on the certification of non-profit organizations based on its high level of expertise and extensive experience. Since 2017, JCNE has been an associate member of ICFO (International Committee on Fundraising Organization, an international organization consisting of NGO/NPO certification bodies from 20 countries) and acts as the only certification body in Japan. The certification of non-profit organizations by accreditation bodies has become a global trend, as non-profit organizations strive to enhance the trust of their stakeholders and realize their missions.

*b  JCNE conducts a simple evaluation of the basics of the organization's management based on its own evaluation standards, which include a self-check and submitted documents. The evaluation results are disclosed in the ‘Basic Governance Checklist’ and updated as needed. JCNE recommends supporting the listed organizations as highly transparent organizations that undergo continuous third-party evaluation and are proactive in information disclosure.

5. Matters concerning use of funds

In principle, the funds will be used for the continuous promotion of the business. We expect to conduct an audit every year, after prior discussion regarding the details of the project.

6. Initial activity period

From January 2024 to December 2024

* The start date is a rough estimate and will be determined upon consultation.

*The maximum activity period is three years, and continuation of the project for the next year will be based on discussion of the contents and results of the activities for the current year.

7. How to apply

Please fill out the application form by clicking on the link below.

Please send the following information in PowerPoint or Word format by e-mail.

Organization name

Details of past activities

Image of the collaboration plan (what you aim to achieve in 3 years)

Use of funds (10 million yen/year x 3 years)

8. Application period

From Thursday, September 28, 2023 to Monday, October 30, 2023 at 18:00

The deadline for inquiries regarding this matter is October 30, 2023 (Sat.) at 18:00.

9. Selection process

Selection will be made at a meeting of our Selection Committee to be held in November 2023.

10. Notification

The selection will be made by the end of November 2023 (planned), and the representatives will be notified by e-mail.

11. Obligations in collaboration

(1) Participate in the interim debriefing session in May 2024 (tentative) and the results debriefing session in October 2024, and report on the progress and results of the activities. (Travel and other expenses necessary for participation in the debriefing sessions will be paid separately.)

(2) When publicizing any details of the activities, it should be stated that it is a cooperative program with dip, and the details should be discussed with dip before publication.


End of November 2023:
Notification of selection results to all NPOs
December 2023:
After discussing the details of the activities, kick-off activities will be carried out.
After January 2024:
‘dip-NPO cooperative program’ start
May 2024:
Interim report
October 2024:
Annual wrap-up and discussion of next year's activities

Periodic updates to this page will occur when relevant.

Advisor profile

We are pleased to collaborate with dip on this new challenge. Everyone is a stakeholder in improving and resolving social issues. In my experience, a common and necessary element of ‘when the world moves’ is that someone calls for action and that many people agree and cooperate with that call. The voice and power of the first person who notices an issue may be small, but through continuous activities and calls for action, the support of many people will eventually grow into a chorus that can move the world and become a great power.

It is important for dip, stakeholders, and NPOs to work together to build partnerships that transcend sectors and address common social issues. We will work without fear or hesitation through a process of trial and error from a long-term perspective.

Japan Center for NPO Evaluation (JCNE)

Daigo Sato, President

  • 1973 Born in Osaka, Japan. Started his own business while studying law at Osaka University, then dropped out. 1998
  • 1998 Established NPO Dot-jp. Operates an internship program for university students. 43,000 students have participated so far. 2010
  • 2010 Founded 'Just Giving Japan', the Japanese arm of the world's largest donation website based in the UK. In 2017, after joining the LIFULL group, transferred the business to Trustbank in 2019. He has been instrumental in creating a culture of donation in Japan by growing the site into the largest donation site in the country.
  • 2021 Became a professor at Musashino University's Faculty of Entrepreneurship, working to nurture entrepreneurs.