Corporate Philosophy

Here at DIP, we want to tap into dreams, ideas and passion to create a better society.


Labor force solution company
DIP provides our clients personnel recruiting services and AI/RPA services to solve various types of labor-related issues as a “General Trading Company Dealing in Labor Force”.  

Brand Statement

One to One Satisfaction
We want to conduct our business activities with a deep consideration for the perspective of each individual, what their aspirations are, and what brings them happiness.
We aim to be “No.1 in satisfaction” for everyone who is involved in our business, whether they be users, clients, partners, shareholders or employees.

The dip WAY

We have our own dreams. We talk about our dreams. We strive to make our dreams come true.
We never give up along the way.

Ideas are the source of our growth and development. By respecting individualism, and fostering a free and natural corporate culture, new ideas flourish, leading to the creation of valuable and innovative services.

Being passionate about our work encourages the people around us to be passionate. Praise one another generously, celebrate joy, recognize worry, encourage each other and discuss everything. Maintaining unity, we continue to win the victory through our teamwork and leadership.

Founder's Spirit

1 See tough situations as opportunities.

Turn difficulties into opportunities through a change in mindset.
Under every circumstance, be vigilant; don't let your guard down. Take a bird's-eye view of things from every angle and then pioneer your own way.

2 Continue to take on new challenges.

No matter the situation, do not be afraid of failure; persevere boldly.
Solve social issues as an innovator with the spirit of a pioneer.

3 Never give up.

With a strong will and dedicated action, keep going. Never give up.
If you fail, learn. Complete greater achievements.

4 Go beyond expectations.

Do not just accept, "think" and drive value from your own ideas.
Exceed expectations. Propel your own growth.

5 Enjoy your work, enjoy your life.

Strike a balance between your work and your personal time to create a fulfilling life.

6 Each employee has a role to play in creating dip.

Cultivate your individuality in the philosophy we share.
Make your mark in building our future.