Baitoru NEXT

Job information platform for those with an aim to become regular or contract employees

Baitoru NEXT is a job information website for those who are looking to work as regular or contract employees. It will help job seekers advance to the next stage in their careers by helping them to maximize the experience gained in their previous part-time work. In addition to the basic search functions, such as job type and salary, job seekers are able to search for postings that match their particular skill set, and even select for preferences in company culture. These Baitoru NEXT original search functions are breaking new ground in creating matches between job seekers and companies.

Baitoru NEXT App

Baitoru NEXT is a job information app for those who are looking to make a shift to regular or contract employment. Postings are available under criteria such as all educational backgrounds welcome, inexperienced welcome, middle-aged (over 40's) welcome, so job seekers are able to consider the transition to regular employment even if they have never worked as a regular employee before. Users also are able to find job information with such conditions as job interview confirmation, no resume required, and all educational backgrounds welcome etc. Baitoru NEXT is updated hourly every day!

Takanori Iwata appeared in Baitoru NEXT commercial