Hatarako net

Job information platform for regular, dispatch and part-time employees

Hatarako net is the largest portal website connecting companies with those seeking regular, dispatched or part-time employment. More than 140,000* job postings nationwide are updated every hour, and it has rich search axes to accommodate the user’s demand for filters, such as one-shot search, job type, and features and conditions of the work environment. In "Kininaru," which is a function original to Hatarako net, job seekers can send their resume information anonymously for positions that interest them. This gives job seekers and recruiters the opportunity to communicate with less pressure. The "cat barometer" function, which is displayed in the job posting, shows the age breakdown among employees, the working process, the gender ratio, and other work environment statistics. Having this information makes it much easier to understand the workplace. *As of March 2021

Hatarako net App

Hatarako net is a job information app that enables job seekers to work in a way that best suits their lifestyle. The Hatarako net app operated by DIP Corporation is Japan's largest job information website, and offers a wide range of job postings including regular, contract, and part-time jobs, as well as employment placement dispatching. Job seekers are able to browse short-term and long-term job postings that are updated every hour on the app!