Value Creation Process

Value Creation Process

1.Value Creation Process

dip's strengths are capabilities in “service development”, “promotions”, and “sales” which are generated by "human capital connected with philosophy”. We are pursuing the improvement of social and economic value by further enhancing these strengths with the power of "data and technology”.

1)Service development capability
Since our founding, we have provided unique, highly competitive services, earning the support of many site users and customers and realizing high business growth.
Our services are created and developed with ideas that come out of rigorous thinking about the needs of users, starting with job seekers, and based on the ‘user first’ policy contained in our Philosophy Brand Statement. Our workplace introduction videos were developed because we were able to quickly grasp changes in user needs and the market, starting with advanced services and DX products.

2)Promotions capability
We have been dynamically developing measures to increase awareness of our services, to increase the number of users, to maximize the effectiveness of job advertisements, and to improve the brand power of the site, based on unique ideas from a ‘user-first’ perspective. The bold promotional investments that have produced great results to date have been made by realizing creative ideas, repeatedly selecting appropriate media and brand characters, and verifying the return on investment. What determines the satisfaction level of users who see the promotions and visit the site is the quantity and quality of the job information they find there. Our site not only boasts the largest number of job listings in the industry but has also focused strongly on the quality of that information.

3)Sales capability
It is our sales capability that enables us to collect so many job listings, raise the quality of the information, and substantially increase advertising effectiveness and sales. We have over 2,000 sales representatives, who are largely recent graduates, and they not only sell job advertising but also take charge of ad production, provide expertise on successful hiring, and raise retention rates for the people who are hired; they are required to be involved in everything up through the growth of the client company. Our sales representatives’ strong commitment to workers and a strong sense of mission with respect to the growth of client companies, cultivated in them by our philosophy, have created a very sturdy customer base.

4)Data and technology capability
What types of job listings do users peruse on job sites and decide to act on? Which companies are putting out job listings in each region and what conditions do they offer? At dip, an enormous amount of digital data related to applications and hiring is accumulated on a daily basis. By bringing AI and other technologies to bear on this data, we can further evolve our businesses and services at a high speed. For example, for users that have visited job sites, we recommend the most suitable job based on their browsing trends. For client companies, we are using the power of data and technology to provide higher precision proposals for how to succeed at recruiting based on the timing of listings, what information to include, and what level of wages to offer.

5)Human capital connected with philosophy
Employees involved in service development, promotions, and sales, and their colleagues in personnel and management divisions who support them, refine and demonstrate their respective strengths and collaborate beyond organizational demarcations to provide high value to users and client companies in accordance with the philosophy of action and code of conduct in the dip WAY and Founder’s Spirit sections of our philosophy.

By continuing to invest in human capital connected with our philosophy, we will further polish our strengths in service development capability, promotions capability, and sales capability, further evolve through the power of data and technology, and accelerate sales and profit growth.

2.Contribution to society through our business

As a presence making society better based on our philosophy, dip creates user-first services, captures the hearts of users through promotions, and helps solve issues faced by client companies related to personnel shortages and utilization through our over 2,000 sales representatives. In this way, we create social value.
Even under the circumstances of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we launched a series of measures, such as economic support measures for our users if they contracted COVID-19, and a project to encourage client companies to offer incentives, such as raising the hourly wage of vaccinated workers or offering a vaccine allowance.
We will strive to contribute to a sustainable society and to work for the enhancement of dip’s medium-to long-term corporate value and sustained growth, by uniting all our employees as one under the philosophy and generating social and economic value.

Personnel Recruiting Services Business

In the Personnel Recruiting Services Business, we support the recruitment and utilization of human resources that underpin core corporate activities through the provision of job advertisements and recruiting services. Based on our ‘user-first’ management policy, we have developed a variety of unique, industry-first functions to respond to the job selection needs of job seekers, and we help client companies to match with potential employees in view of ensuring the retention and active participation of those new employees after they are hired. In this way, we are pursuing solutions to the labor shortage issues that companies face and contributing to the creation of an environment in which each and every employee can work with vitality.


・Workplace Introduction Videos
These videos present, in an easy-to-understand way, the atmosphere of workplaces and the content of the work performed there, aspects that are difficult to convey with text or photos alone. Videos posted on job listings help to increase the accuracy of matching users with the right jobs.

・Application Barometer
Visualize the application status for listed jobs. This function is in response to user needs, such as a preference for applying for popular jobs or, alternatively, for jobs where there is less competition with other jobseekers.

・Job Experience/Workplace Visit Application Function
Gives users a real sense of the workplace through hands-on job experience prior to application. This is effective in the prevention of mismatching.

・Message from dip’s sales representatives
 dip’s sales representatives provide job seekers with useful and realistic information about jobs and workplaces from an objective perspective.

Workplace Introduction Videos
Application Barometer
Job Experience/Workplace Visit Application Function
Uniform Search Function


・dip incentive project
Sales representatives propose hourly wage increases, etc. to client companies and post the information on job listings. The project contributes to resolving labor shortages at client companies and improving the compensation of fixed-term workers.

・Elimination of age discrimination
As one of our efforts to eliminate unconscious bias in recruiting and hiring and to create diverse employment opportunities, we allow companies to choose whether to make the entry of "age" (date of birth) mandatory or optional when posting job information.

DX business

To contribute to the greater adoption of DX among mid-tier enterprises and SMEs, in September 2019, we launched “KOBOT,” a package of DX services designed with selected functions that make it easier to introduce and continue to use the service. The automation of tasks that do not require human hands will help our clients to improve their productivity and enhance employees’ sense of reward in their work by assigning tasks that will allow them to demonstrate their abilities. This is part of our aim to realize a society in which everyone can experience the joy and happiness of work. In April 2021, we changed the name of the AI/RPA Business to the DX Business

Characteristics of KOBOT Series

 In Japan, mid-tier enterprises and SMEs are lagging behind in the adoption of DX. The major reasons behind this include a lack of awareness of which operations can be streamlined with DX, the cost and trouble associated with introducing DX tools, and the inability to fully utilize the functions after deploying the DX tools. dip provides easy-to-introduce DX tools at reasonable prices, as well as maintenance and operation support with extensive customer success support, providing unique customer value in a one-stop service.