Operating Result Forecast

Operating results forecast for FY’23/2(from March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023)

With regard to the macro environment in FY’23/2, we expect the COVID-19 pandemic to begin to abate due to the progress in vaccination, despite the unstable international situation and the resulting uncertainties in the supply and price movements of resources.

Under such circumstances, we expect sales of the personnel recruiting services business to recover to pre-pandemic levels thanks to the upfront, large-scale advertising investments that we made in FY’22/2 to increase market share, combined with the recovery in demand.

In the DX business, we expect both sales and operating income to continue to grow significantly due to continued efforts to increase sales by the Company’s sales representatives, as well as through product quality enhancement and streamlining of marketing and CS operations.

The full-year consolidated operating results forecast for FY’23/2 based on the above is as follows.