Board Directors and Executive Officers

As of September 1, 2020

Board Directors
  • Hideki Tomita
    Executive President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Masatsugu Shidachi
    Director and COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Kazuhisa Iwata
    Director and CBO (Chief Business Officer)
  • Katsumi Ueki
    Director and CIO (Chief Information Officer)
  • Michiyo Maehara
    External Director (Independent Director)
  • Eriko Tanabe
    External Director (Independent Director)
Corporate Auditors
  • Tsuneyo Otomo
    Full-Time Corporate Auditor
  • Koichi Kobayashi
    External Auditor (Independent Auditor)
  • Takashi Ejiri
    External Auditor
  • Akihiko Mochizuki
Executive Officers
Takatsune Inoue

Executive Manager of Tokyo Urban Area and East Japan Area Headquarters
General Manager of Tokyo Urban Area Division

Suguru IkedaExecutive Manager of Central and West Japan Area Headquarters
General Manager of West Japan Area Division
Tomohiro KitazatoExecutive Manager of HR Headquarters
Jun SaganoExecutive Manager of Business Solution Headquarters
Goryu HadaExecutive Manager of Planning & Management Headquarters*
General Manager of Planning Division
Hideki MiuraExecutive Manager of AI/RPA Headquarters
Kei Sinto

Service Development Headquarters
General Manager of Next-Generation Business Preparation Division

Nobuaki KitouCHO (Chief Human Officer) and Executive Manager of Personnel & General Affairs Headquarters
Haruhiko Arai
General Manager of Business Planning Division
Makiko Hamabe
General Manager of Corporate Communication Division