IR Policy

The following IR Policy defines DIP Corporation’s basic views and approaches toward IR.

Established February 1, 2016
Revised date January 11, 2018
Last revised September 1, 2020

Purpose of IR activities

DIP endeavors to develop trust and gain appropriate evaluation from market participants through timely, accurate and fair disclosure of information such as our management strategies, financial status and non-financial information that contributes to assessing corporate value, and by engaging in constructive dialogue based on such information. Feedback from shareholders and investors will be conveyed to the management to enhance two-way communication. By proactively implementing such initiatives, DIP aims to achieve sustainable growth and enhance shareholder value over the medium and long term.

Promotion system of IR activities

Management, the IR team and related departments work together to undertake IR activities at DIP. We will endeavor to promote understanding of our company by enhancing IR tools and actively provide opportunities for dialogue by holding results briefings and individual meetings.

Definition and contents of disclosure

DIP defines information on its business and operations that has a significant impact on securities investment decisions as “material information” and discloses it on a timely basis in compliance with relevant laws and regulations including the Companies Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act as well as the Timely Disclosure Rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, DIP goes beyond the Timely Disclosure Rules, etc., and will voluntarily and actively disclose information that is deemed to affect stock prices, or information that is believed to influence investment decisions through the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TDnet) and DIP’s corporate site. Information disclosed at briefings or individual meetings will be limited to facts disclosed to the public, facts that are in the public domain, facts pertaining to the general business environment, etc. No reference whatsoever will be made to undisclosed "material information." 

Method for disclosing information

Information subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules will be disclosed through the timely disclosure network (TDnet) managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and pursuant to the Rules thereof. Information that has been released will be uploaded to our corporate site.

Quiet period

In order to ensure fairness of disclosure and prevent any leak of information that will influence stock prices during the preparation of results materials, DIP has defined a quiet period from the 10th day of the month following the last month of each quarter until the day of our results announcement. During this period, DIP will refrain from responding to requests for interviews or questions by the press related to our results. However, if any resolutions are made or events occur during the quiet period that are subject to timely disclosure, they will be disclosed in the appropriate manner.