IR Policy

DIP Corporation and our subsidiary companies (hereinafter called “DIP Group”) conduct investor relations activities based on the following basic policies. Our objective is to engage in open dialogue with shareholders and investors, develop trust and enhance our corporate value.

Established February 1, 2016
Last revised date January 11, 2018

Purpose of IR Activities

In all IR activities, DIP strives for timely, accurate and fair disclosure of meaningful information such as our management policies and financial status. Feedback from shareholders and investors will be conveyed to the management to enhance two-way communication.

Promotion system of IR activity

The President and CEO, the Director in charge of IR, the IR team and related departments work together to undertake IR activities. We will endeavor to promote understanding of our company by actively providing opportunities for dialogue, such as individual meetings, briefings, and by working to enhance various IR materials and tools.

Disclosure standards

DIP will disclose information in compliance with the disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Furthermore, going beyond the requirements of disclosure regulations, we also strive to actively provide information that is useful to investors or that is of particular interest to investors on our corporate website. Information disclosed at briefings or individual meetings will be limited to facts disclosed to the public, facts that are in the public domain, facts pertaining to the general business environment, etc. No reference whatsoever will be made to undisclosed "material facts."

Method for disclosing information

Information will be disclosed through the timely disclosure network (TDnet) managed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and pursuant to the timely disclosure regulations. In general, information to be released will be uploaded to our corporate site.

Silence period

DIP designates a silence period for IR activities to prevent information leaks and ensure fair disclosure. During this period, DIP refrains from answering questions about or commenting on financial results. However, should an event arise that requires immediate disclosure during this period, we will disclose the related information in a timely and appropriate manner.

Silence period

  • From the end of February to the announcement of FY End Financial Results
  • From the end of May to the announcement of 1Q Financial Results
  • From the end of August to the announcement of 2Q Financial Results
  • From the end of November to the announcement of 3Q Financial Results