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[Private Information Protection Policy] Please consent to the following matters upon subscription.

DIP Corporation deals with the Information that is obtained from the form as follows.

【Treatment of Personal Information】
a) Undertaker of the personal information
DIP Corporation
b) Administrator of the personal information
DIP Corporation Director and CIO (Chief Information Officer)
c) Purpose of obtaining the personal information
We use your personal information for the following purposes only:
・ To respond to your inquiries
・ To send you our email newsletter
d) Information leak
DIP Corporation does not provide or leak personal information.
e) Distribution of personal information to third party
DIP Corporation will not distribute to, or consign management of personal information to, any third party.
f) Disclosure Request
Contact the information desk in case there is a request by the user for 1. Clarification on the use of personal information 2. Disclosure policies 3. Amendments, additions and/or deletions 4. To unsubscribe.
g) Mandatory items
In this form, you will notice there are both required and optional items. Required items obviously must be completed. We highly encourage you to fill in the optional items as well, so we can deliver the best possible outcome for you.
h) Obtaining the private information
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i) Statistical data
DIP Corporation can disclose or sell the statistical data. None of the individuals in the statistical data can be identified.

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