Segment Information

Since its establishment in 1997, dip Corporation (the “Company”) has assisted its client companies with the recruiting and

deployment of human resources by providing online job information sites, as well as creating an environment where each job seeker

can work with enthusiasm and energy, based on its corporate philosophy of ‘Here at dip, we want to tap into dreams, ideas and

passion to create a better society.’

Information on amounts of sales and profit or loss by reported segment

FY’24/2 Full Year (March 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024)


1. Adjustment of segment profit of (7,251,636) thousand yen is corporate expenses not allocated to any reported segment.Corporate expenses are mainly selling, general, and administrative expenses that are not attributable to any reportedsegment.

2. Segment profit was reconciled with operating income of the consolidated statement of income.

3. Assets, liabilities and other items of the reported segments are not disclosed because, based upon a management decision bythe highest decision-making body, such information was not allocated to each segment.

4. Effective FY’24/2 Q1, the presentation of the breakdown information of revenue generated from contracts with customershas been changed from “Baitoru, Baitoru NEXT, Baitoru PRO,, DX, Other” to “Media (job advertising)services, Permanent Placement services, DX services, Other services” due to a revision of the Company’s sales managementcategories according to service type.The breakdown information of revenue generated from contracts with customers for FY’23/2 has been reclassified to reflectthis change.There are no changes to reported segments due to this change.