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President and C.E.O
Hideki Tomita
Corporate Philosophy
Here at dip, we want to tap into dreams, ideas and passion to create a better society.
We have a dream

We want to create dreams and make them all come true.
Our dream is to help make society more convenient and affluent by increasing marketing efficiency.

We have an idea

We want to communicate brand new concepts by constantly coming up with fresh ideas.
Our idea is to harness ever advancing information technologies and offer services that are ever more convenient and easy to use.

We have passion

We want to take the leap to the next stage.
Our passion lies in ensuring that every single one of our customers is satisfied by constantly striving for the very best.

We want each person to meet work that maximizes their potential and finds rewarding.
We aim to efficiently activate matching between individuals and work through various media including the Internet and mobile, and we have provided all kinds of information so far.

Since October 2000, we have provided temporary job information through "Hatarako Net" website.
In addition, in October 2002, we started a part-time job information site "Baitoru" which made independent from "Hatarako net".
We were able to grow those two sites into the largest site in Japan.
In September 2009, we started a nursing career change information site "Nurse de Hatarako",
As a recruitment information service company, we are responding to recruitment needs of all companies and diversifying job seeker's needs.

When I began this business, I literally started from nothing. It was a solitary enterprise with neither an office nor funds. However, I single-mindedly continued with the business and searched for clients in my ardent desire to somehow mold the idea in my head into shape and make a success of it as a business. I strongly believe that the confidence I had in my idea and my positive attitude back then formed the very foundation of what DIP is today.

With the belief that only enthusiastic people with dreams to produce ideas can achieve great client satisfaction, hence leading DIP to a brilliant future, we have employed "One to One Satisfaction" as the guideline of the DIP brand. It embodies our desire to deliver satisfaction to each client, and achieve continuous business advancement and social contribution by getting our stakeholders (users, clients, staffs, partners and shareholders) to empathize with our ideas and corporate attitude.