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Hatarako Net

Hatarako Net provides temporary job postings.
Most leading companies in Japan as well as various market leading employment agents are registered clients of Hatarako Net.



Hatarako Net is the largest portal site in Japan dealing with temporary positions.
As of May 2015 more than 34,000 job postings with over 1,100 temporary agents in japan.
Job postings are updated every hour!
Job seekers can narrow their search according to such criteria as business location, railway/subway line, commuting time, working term, salary, occupational category, industry or other parameters by typing in a "search term" of their own choosing.
Moreover, the Flash platform makes the site simple and easy to understand even for users not accustomed to conducting internet searches.
Upon registration users will also receive daily updates of the latest postings that match their needs.
Mobile Hatarako Net is synchronized with the PC site to ensure that job seekers can retrieve information or apply for a position anytime anywhere.