Real Estate KOBOT

Real estate KOBOT for property information acquisition.

Automatically acquires information on vacancies and updates data on new properties.

This service specializes in the real estate industry. It automatically retrieves new property information, as well as information on properties that have been applied for or deleted up to the preceding day. It automatically checks existing data in response to information requests, automatically inputs new property listings, automatically updates deleted properties, and provides the updated information in certain data format (such as Excel). In contrast to human operations, KOBOT functions 24 hours a day, and can automate simple property data base tasks while minimizing errors.

The introduction of RPA will make it possible to realize an optimal environment for real estate company operations by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and converting excess human resources to sales.

What is KOBOT?

We will continue to create services to support our customers who are struggling with the labor shortage by providing them with digital labor force so that they can focus on their primary business.