Initiatives for Regional Revitalization

Initiatives for Regional Revitalization

While SMEs in regional areas are facing labor shortages, in urban areas, there are a large number of part-timers and dispatch workers who wish to work as regular employees, especially among younger people. By providing services that match local governments with job seekers who are highly motivated to work in regional areas, DIP promotes migration to local governments and the creation of job opportunities. These activities contribute to the sustainable development of local governments.

Helping to Create Jobs in Regional Areas through the "Baitoru Migration Work Experience Event”

In order to create jobs for I-turn and U-turn to regional areas, DIP conducts “Baitoru Migration Work Experience Event” in cooperation with the local governments of various rural areas in Japan. A special page was opened on Baitoru in October 2018 to provide information on the “Baitoru Migration Work Experience Events” and highlight the attractiveness of each region. We are working on creating opportunities for migration to regional areas through events such as the migration experience, job experience, and marriage activities*.
Seventy-six events, attended by approximately 1500 people, have been held through this project as of February 2020. The events have been conducted across Japan from Sarufutsu Village, Hokkaido in the north, to Ibusuki City, Kagoshima in the south.

In addition to the “Baitoru Migration Work Experience Events”, by leveraging our strengths in the personnel recruiting services business, we provide services that create opportunities for people who wish to migrate to and work in these regions on a more permanent basis. We also actively work to create matches between job seekers and companies that job seekers may be unaware of, particularly in primary and local industries where labor shortages are serious.
We will continue to contribute to resolving labor shortages in regional areas by creating matches between local governments and job seekers who are highly motivated to relocate in order to contribute to solving the problem of population concentration in urban areas and labor shortage in rural areas.

*In fiscal 2020, due to the impact of the new corona infection, we are conducting events online.

Approximately 60% of fixed-term workers are interested in moving to a rural area.

A survey (*1) conducted in August 2020 by "Baitoru," a job information website operated by DIP, revealed that approximately 60% of fixed-term workers are interested in moving to a rural area. Particularly in 2020, the percentage of respondents who answered "interested" increased by 11 percentage points when compared with 2019. This upswing in interest in relocation can be attributed to the growing acceptance of new lifestyles as well as the reform of work styles, however there are issues such as "not having a concrete image of a potential migration destination" and "concerns about work and local community”.

DIP will guide job seekers and fixed-term employees from urban areas who are interested in migrating but do not have a concrete image of where they would like to live, to companies that are offering job opportunities in the region. We will also work with potential migrants to assist them in fostering relationships with local people through their work, and give them a concrete image of their work and lifestyle after migrating.

*1 Press release issued by DIP on August 25, 2020 (Japanese Only)

■Baitoru Migration Work Experience Events
As of FY 2020
 76events/Attendance: approximately 1,500 people
■Online “Baitoru Migration Work Experience Events”

Fiscal year ending Feb. 2021

    Number of events held: 13 / Total number of participants: approximately 700

・Prefectures in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, China, Shikoku and Kyushu areas (except Okinawa)
Of the above, not only municipal, but also prefectural projects have been commissioned in Akita, Toyama, Fukui, Gifu, Hyogo, Yamaguchi, Saga, and Oita.

Collaboration with the Cabinet office in local migration and employment

On March 2019, DIP signed an agreement of cooperation with the Cabinet Office of Promotion for Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan. Baitoru NEXT, our Job information platform for those who are looking to work as regular employees, provides ‘Furusato* Jobs’ that are job postings collected by local governments in an effort to increase access to the "Furusato job". Through this initiative, we are working to resolve labor shortages in regional areas by promoting the migration of employment from Tokyo to regional areas, and to correct the excessive concentration of labor in Tokyo.
* Furusato means hometown in Japanese

In addition, in fiscal 2020, we will participate in the "Regional Development SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform," the "Involvement Lab (National Council for Public-Private Partnerships to Create and Expand Relevant Population)," and the "Regional Future Vision 20 Open Lab" to contribute to regional development projects by strengthening cooperation with the Cabinet Office.

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